Nov 15, 2011

Wanna Help?

We're getting really close to production of our web series, and all of us are getting really excited.  So we want to raise a few bucks to get the ball rolling a little faster.  We will be doing a Kickstarter after the first episode, but we would to get a few bucks for a few production items.

To earn it, we want to sell some shirts.  If you go to our CafePress store, you can get an awesome t-shirt and also directly fund "Project Kuru" 

If you buy any of the merchandise, please send me pics with you wearing or holding said merch and I will build a awesome photo montage with everyone's pics.

So please help us and buy our merch.

UPDATE:  The pic below is also in the available for sale

Nov 14, 2011

Project Kuru Logo, we're legit now.

Project Kuru now has a logo.  What do you guys think? And would you buy a tee shirt with this on it?


I would also like to thank all the readers who's been reading this blog so far, seeing the numbers jump from like 2-3 views a day to 80 is so awesome.  And I also want to thank the international readers from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Netherlands, and Romania.  Keep on read, I'll keep on posting. 

Quick "Project Kuru" update.

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, being doing some work on Project Kuru.  Brief update, we've been plotting the story arc and are close to beginning writing, casting and shooting. 

The picture above has a lot of context that I can't go into yet.  But I would like to hear theories. 


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