Nov 14, 2011

Project Kuru Logo, we're legit now.

Project Kuru now has a logo.  What do you guys think? And would you buy a tee shirt with this on it?


I would also like to thank all the readers who's been reading this blog so far, seeing the numbers jump from like 2-3 views a day to 80 is so awesome.  And I also want to thank the international readers from Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Russia, Ireland, Netherlands, and Romania.  Keep on read, I'll keep on posting. 


MellyBean2 said...

I love it!!
What are the chances of getting you to make one for my site?

Doublewideproductions said...

Chances are high, what do you need?

MellyBean2 said...

I played around and created the one on my site, but it's a little boring. But something similar? I'm not picky.

Jake Granado said...

Oh well look at you...nice logo bro


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