Oct 20, 2011

Project Kuru

I issued a challenge last Saturday to see if Double Wide Productions Facebook Page could reach 87 Fans by Thursday October 20, 2011.  Surprisingly, not only did you all reach that goal a day early, you surpassed it.  As i am writing this blog now, Double Wide Productions has 90 fans.  That is epic.  

New challenges will come up later this week, but I think we'll finally give something away.  Aside from showing awesome videos and news updates.  From here on out, each Fan Challenge we reach, by using program to randomly pick fan (seriously, it's a program I am not picking a name out of a hat) they will win a Double Wide Productions tee shirt.

Here's what's going on with Double Wide Productions.  We're teaming up with Out of the Void productions to produce a web-series.  As of right now, there is no official title for it, so I am going to call it "Project Kuru" for now until we have a name.  We are trying to get a couple scripts and an story arc together so we can start shooting. 

So great, you have a web series, so what the hell is it about?  Zombies.  The series is set in modern time, at the very beginning of zombie outbreak.  We watch as the first person gets infected and infects the people around him.  All while the CDC fights and ultimately fails to contain this contagion that are turning people in the undead hoard.  

The First Episode's Premiere will be shown to the fans of Double Wide Productions and Out of the Void Productions first, and then subsequently to the rest of the world.  A Kick Starter will come up and we hope to get some support in funding out little web series.  More details as they arise will show up here.  

As for that super secret video that I've been teasing for a while now, well you are all going to have to wait until next Challenge.  Buawhahaha! 


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