Oct 14, 2011

We are Double Wide Productions

What is double wide productions?  Let me tell what we are NOT, one word Mediocre.  In fact mediocre is the antithesis of what Double Wide Productions stands for.  We aren't content with just "well it works"  we strive to rival video production companies that have been established for years.  We strive to be the standard to which all companies after us wishes to be.
Double Wide Productions has been around since 2008 when Jake Granado and Andrew Gomez came together and said, "fuck it, let's do it, lets make movies"  Their first production was a small "story board" of a film called Bennett's Peak. It was meant to be a short film about a man who hits someone in the middle of nowhere in Southwest America. 

Co-Founder Andrew Gomez before the formation of the company had gone to school at New York Film Academy and had shot a few shorts himself, earning a certificate in film making.  While there he honed his craft for cinema and learned many principles that have echoed in their work ever since.    

As of late, Double Wide Productions has been working on shorts, docu-shorts, and commercial ads for the people of San Juan County in New Mexico, and the Four Corners Region (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah).   And we are looking to expand our range of services to Major Motion Pictures.  

Eventually we want Double Wide Productions to evolve into it's own production studio and branch out in music, interactive entertainment, and distribution.  But for now, we just want to make videos that BLOW PEOPLE'S MINDS. 

Double Wide Productions is the standard. 

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