Oct 27, 2011

The Universe is Expanding

This is just a quick update. I mentioned earlier today that I am working on a podcast. Here are the Details, my friend. Jake Granado and Andrew Gomez, the respective owners of Double Wide Productions are finally going forward with a All Gaming Podcast where we talk about the latest gaming news, latest games and throw back to classic games of the past.

The reason behind talking about games instead of movies is because there's already a local podcast that reviews the latest movies.  And frankly, I (Gomez) sound like a pretentious douche bag when I try and talk about movies, where as when I talk about games and gaming I am a little more informed and open minded sounding.  

Again between the two of us, we don't have an official title (which seems to be a theme with Double Wide Productions) so as of right now we're Untitled Podcast 1.  I am currently editing the episode, and should have it online within the week.  Yay!


WC Briton said...

This is awesome. But... being one of the hosts on the aforementioned movie podcast, I think there's plenty of room for another movie podcast. Specifically, one about obscure DVD's and movies.

Another collaboration between the Double Wide and the Void? Just a thought. :-)

Doublewideproductions said...

I foresee another Collaboration, yes.


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