Oct 28, 2011

The Road to Double Wide Part 1: Blame it on Spielberg

I may have skimmed through the history of Double Wide Productions earlier. But I want to bring a little more detailed history and share my story about what got me thinking about Films, Making Films, and the Education that shaped me to the filmmaker I (Andrew Gomez) am today.  
I remember playing in my Grandma Rose's backyard recreating the T-Rex scene from Jurassic Park (I had the specific car too, though I only got the one, so I was limited in recreating the whole scene) and it was that moment is when I knew I wanted to do something relating the movies.  Not necessarily directing, producing, all I knew was I wanted to make movies, some how.  Though that dream became docile for many years after that, until junior high when I heard about "The Mummy Returns" was being made. 

It was circa 2000 and I was riding the bus home from school, and it dawned on me... what hadn't there been a Creature from the Black Lagoon movie as of late?  Our of the all Universal Monster Movies, they had never remade that movie.  I wanted to make THAT movie.  I just didn't know where to start.  It was then I began reading, researching, and dreaming about movies. 

My Curiousity grew into an obsession..  I knew before graduating high school what the responsibilities of the director was, what the producer was meant to do, and how much crap the real writer takes during production.  
The New York Film Academy is where I received my formal training and discipline.  It was an intense program. For our first projects, we were forced to shoot on 16mm Black and White reversal.  That is where I learned about planning and rehearsing a shot before even rolling.  We had a buy a 200ft. roll of film for each project.  200 feet of film is roughly 2 minutes at 24 Frames Per Second.  And it was rather expensive for a film student, about 50 bucks a roll, including the cost of development and digital transferring.
I was the youngest person in the class at the time, most of the students there were early to mid twenties, and I was eighteen at the time.  During my time there, we all got close together and became a family.  Even when we were separated into groups, those groups in of themselves became a family.  I went to interesting locations all through out New York City and even into West Chester where I met Cher's body double (seriously).  Hell I was on the set of Meet Dave when they were shooting a scene in Times Square.  

At the last day when were all having a Last Supper at this really ritzy Latin (Mexican and Stuff) resturant  and someone asked me, "What are you going to do after this?"
"Well I think I might try and get a job doing commercials or something." 

Saying that reminded me many years ago, when I wanted to be a comic book artist, my Dad telling me, "When you go to college, you can learn to make advertisements for companies while you make comic books and stuff" (and stuff is a common saying in the Gomez/Akley family).  For some reason, I disregarded that, I never thought I'd be wasting my time with advertising.  

The last day in New York is a gloomy day, though I was given a choice to stay in New York if I got a job, though I never had a chance to look because of classes, I came back to San Juan County, NM, when a new chapter would start.  

Below is the Final Film at New York Film Academy.

Oct 27, 2011

The Universe is Expanding

This is just a quick update. I mentioned earlier today that I am working on a podcast. Here are the Details, my friend. Jake Granado and Andrew Gomez, the respective owners of Double Wide Productions are finally going forward with a All Gaming Podcast where we talk about the latest gaming news, latest games and throw back to classic games of the past.

The reason behind talking about games instead of movies is because there's already a local podcast that reviews the latest movies.  And frankly, I (Gomez) sound like a pretentious douche bag when I try and talk about movies, where as when I talk about games and gaming I am a little more informed and open minded sounding.  

Again between the two of us, we don't have an official title (which seems to be a theme with Double Wide Productions) so as of right now we're Untitled Podcast 1.  I am currently editing the episode, and should have it online within the week.  Yay!

Oct 20, 2011

Project Kuru

I issued a challenge last Saturday to see if Double Wide Productions Facebook Page could reach 87 Fans by Thursday October 20, 2011.  Surprisingly, not only did you all reach that goal a day early, you surpassed it.  As i am writing this blog now, Double Wide Productions has 90 fans.  That is epic.  

New challenges will come up later this week, but I think we'll finally give something away.  Aside from showing awesome videos and news updates.  From here on out, each Fan Challenge we reach, by using program to randomly pick fan (seriously, it's a program I am not picking a name out of a hat) they will win a Double Wide Productions tee shirt.

Here's what's going on with Double Wide Productions.  We're teaming up with Out of the Void productions to produce a web-series.  As of right now, there is no official title for it, so I am going to call it "Project Kuru" for now until we have a name.  We are trying to get a couple scripts and an story arc together so we can start shooting. 

So great, you have a web series, so what the hell is it about?  Zombies.  The series is set in modern time, at the very beginning of zombie outbreak.  We watch as the first person gets infected and infects the people around him.  All while the CDC fights and ultimately fails to contain this contagion that are turning people in the undead hoard.  

The First Episode's Premiere will be shown to the fans of Double Wide Productions and Out of the Void Productions first, and then subsequently to the rest of the world.  A Kick Starter will come up and we hope to get some support in funding out little web series.  More details as they arise will show up here.  

As for that super secret video that I've been teasing for a while now, well you are all going to have to wait until next Challenge.  Buawhahaha! 


Oct 16, 2011

I Love You All...Really

Earlier this week, I realized something.  I didn't have enough people who were fans on my company's Facebook page.  To rectify that problem, I put out a challenge.  I wanted to see if i could get 100 fans of Double Wide Productions Facebook page by the end of October 14,2011.  As a reward, I was going to release a video that I've been hoarding (for good reasons).

Unfortunately, the goal was never met.  But with in a span of four days, I went from having 60 fans to 79 fans.  It was astounding, and it really made me think about whether I should just exclusively treat said fans to the video that I have been hoarding for weeks now, or give an update as to what Double Wide Productions will do within the next coming weeks.

And then I decided, "oh hell, lets make them work for this next bit of info."  So I am issuing another Challenge right now.  It's an easy one.  Double Wide Productions need to have 87 fans by next Thursday October 20, 2011.  The update will have something to do with a project that I am working on with Brit Ward's Production Company Out of the Void Productions.

My fans are great, and I do love you all.  I thank you for all your support and hope to entertain you all for the months and years to come.

Oct 14, 2011

We are Double Wide Productions

What is double wide productions?  Let me tell what we are NOT, one word Mediocre.  In fact mediocre is the antithesis of what Double Wide Productions stands for.  We aren't content with just "well it works"  we strive to rival video production companies that have been established for years.  We strive to be the standard to which all companies after us wishes to be.
Double Wide Productions has been around since 2008 when Jake Granado and Andrew Gomez came together and said, "fuck it, let's do it, lets make movies"  Their first production was a small "story board" of a film called Bennett's Peak. It was meant to be a short film about a man who hits someone in the middle of nowhere in Southwest America. 

Co-Founder Andrew Gomez before the formation of the company had gone to school at New York Film Academy and had shot a few shorts himself, earning a certificate in film making.  While there he honed his craft for cinema and learned many principles that have echoed in their work ever since.    

As of late, Double Wide Productions has been working on shorts, docu-shorts, and commercial ads for the people of San Juan County in New Mexico, and the Four Corners Region (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah).   And we are looking to expand our range of services to Major Motion Pictures.  

Eventually we want Double Wide Productions to evolve into it's own production studio and branch out in music, interactive entertainment, and distribution.  But for now, we just want to make videos that BLOW PEOPLE'S MINDS. 

Double Wide Productions is the standard. 


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